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Alliance Agricole
Alliance Agricole

About Us

"Alliance Agricole – ALAG" Ltd. has been established in the town of Yambol since 1991.

We are located in the midst of a well-developed agricultural region in the South East of Bulgaria and are proud to be one of the pioneers in waterfowls farming which has grown to become a traditional business in the country nowadays.

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Activity and Production

Our main activity is the production of duck and goose foie gras, meat and heat processed meat products.

Our production facilities are located in the village of Okop, near Yambol on 6 000 sq.m. of built area that comprises the Slaughterhouse and several Processing Plants for meat cut-up, packing, heat treatment and preservation.­

The Feather Processing House prepares raw material for producers of down and down products.

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Trademark and Products

"Alliance Agricole – ALAG" Ltd. produces the whole range of chilled, frozen and heat-treated duck products.

Our company owns the trademark "Patesa" for the Bulgarian market.

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"Alliance Agricole - ALAG" Ltd
8669­ Okop,­­Tundja Municipality,
Yambol Region,­­Bulgaria

email: ­­­

Sales Department,­­­­Phone / Fax:­+359 46 66 16 35
Slaughterhouse, Phone:­­ +359 46 66 16 50
Company Store in Yambol, Phone: +359 886 50 55 79
Company Store in Okop, ­Phone: +359 885 11 82 10

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